EZone EPAD Market Sectors

A Harshaw Trane EZone EPAD may be created in most building types including Commercial, Multi-family, Industrial, Not-for-Profit and Healthcare.


Once your municipality (city/county) has adopted the ordinance, then building owners within the confines of this approved "district" may begin the application process to determine the feasibility of an EZone EPAD Project. 


There is a simple application process for approval.  Please contact Harshaw Trane to learn more about the benefits of an EPAD project for your facility type and for information on the application and process.

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Role & Benefit of EPAD for Kentucky Municipalities

The EPAD Act allows municipalities to create EPAD districts (often encompassing the entire municipality) that enable additional voluntary assessments to a property.  Cities and counties can now enable their property owners to improve their property and property values with an attractive financing mechanism.

What's more, it creates projects in Kentucky communities, creating jobs and spurring economic growth and development.

Why don't energy upgrades happen?
  • Credit is often unavailable, expensive & short term
  • Opportunity cost of money is high

  • Competition for capital

  • Lack of clear, effective financing tool tailored to this purpose

  • Leadership skepticism regarding savings if not validated by expert

Industrial Manufacturing           

Healthcare organizations do not close for business.  They serve their communities around the clock; consuming a tremendous amount of energy.  Therefore, they present significant opportunities to “find” capital in energy savings.


Healthcare organizations face continuous regulatory changes. Reimbursement structures and payment cycles reduce capital access for infrastructure improvements. 

EPAD financing provides an off-credit method to maintain infrastructure and improve efficiency.  The increase in efficiency saves clients’ money and is proven to do so through transparent measurement and verification.  You SEE what you are saving. In some cases, there can be a savings guarantee associated with EPAD.



Like acute care hospitals, industrial facilities present a very real opportunity for savings created by energy efficiency. In contrast to commercial buildings that are only occupied for a third of the day, manufacturing facilities are operational 24/7. 

Commercial Buildings

Commercial property owners may fit into two categories: owner-occupied or leased space.  In the case of an owner occupied building, the benefits may be realized in terms of an enhanced bottom line, as the owner's cost of utilities is lower following an EPAD project.


In the case where an owner leases the space in the facility to tenants, he/she can pass the savings and/or cost along to those lessees.


Moreover, the reliability of infrastructure systems, indoor air quality, and work environment all enhance the building's marketability and value.


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